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NFT Digital Artist JEH

Emerging artist exposing my inner spirit, intuitive evolving art, 10% supports homeless.

Join me on the artistic journey as my ever-changing digital art style evolves and grows. Currently embracing the use of hand-painted elements by fusing them into the digital design. My work is a way of expressing myself, a celebration of colours inspired by the natural as well as the man-made, and my own life experiences.



Your purchase of an NFT will assist an emerging artist to:

  • Grow a community that you can be part of

  • Earn an income by doing something they love

  • Help others (10% of income from each sale is donated to an organisation which is close to my heart that provides support for homeless people in Australia)

NFT Collection: "Pour My Heart"

7pm (US) July 21-28, 2022

About these designs 

The heart full of oozing colours represents the blur of ideas that swirl around in my head and heart before I create an art piece. Next thing, the tap is turned on and the paint pours out into a blurred glassy teardrop. Inside each teardrop is a snippet of one of my paintings (hand painted on canvas).

Each image is saved as PNG format, 2000 X 2000 pixels, 300 dpi.


Feel free to browse my website - for non-digital art click here

To read Artist bio click here

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