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Time stands still when I am painting - I know that's a cliche but it really does happen. I am totally absorbed by what I am doing when there is a paintbrush in my hand. My greatest pleasure is when my work brings joy to others and when I can successfully convey particular feelings and emotions through my work, and these feelings in turn reach out to others who view my paintings.

I have always dreamed of earning a living from my art and now it is finally starting to happen. Every time I sell something or hear about how my work is impacting people in such a great way it confirms to me that I am doing what I was meant to do and I feel a great peace and satisfaction.


As a teenager I saw it as a challenge to draw and paint to make things look real. That’s how I began learning to draw and paint. I did some study as a young adult then continued working hard to develop my art skills until I had the confidence and skills to begin exhibiting and selling my work.


There have been a variety of styles in my work. My older works that show where I have come from on my artistic journey are traditional realistic style with a strong use of pastels as my medium, and a fascination for still life. My more recent works have brighter colours and are of a more contemporary nature as I enjoy more freedom of expression in my artwork. I am now exploring the abstract world and loving it too!



I began exhibiting and selling my work in many art shows around Melbourne and rural Victoria in the 1980’s. I began to win various prizes for my work in some of the local and regional art shows (see list of prizes). I was invited to exhibit in several exhibitions, and held a solo exhibition in 1987. (see list of exhibitions) I enjoy finding innovative non-traditional ways to exhibit my art where I can collaborate with complimentary partners – thus my solo exhibition was held in a Morwell Toyota Showroom coinciding with their wine & cheese night to launch a new model car.


In the early 1990's we moved to Canberra which became our home for 25 years.  In Canberra I gained experience painting murals and trompe l’oeil as public and community art projects and some as private commissions. (See list of murals).



In 2016 we moved back to Victoria where we are enjoying our small acreage in Gippsland. I now have more time to focus on my art and am getting back into it in a serious way.


Lately I have been establishing an on-line presence through my website, and various social media platforms - and making my latest artworks available for sale as prints. Covid lockdowns have given me more time to develop my style, learn new techniques, experiment and grow to be a stronger more accomplished and confident artist.

I hope my work brings joy to you – please follow me on Facebook and Instagram to view my new works before they come online and to show your support which helps me keep going.



-    “Winter Solstice” (5 paintings) for Canberra client
-    Iris flower paintings(2) for NSW client
-    Community art project- Warragul Kindergarten children

PUBLIC MURALS in Canberra, Australia:
- Woden Early Childhood Centre
- Lakeside Leisure Centre - Tuggeranong Swimming (Baby) Pool
- Canberra Region Campaign

- Bus Shelter Mural
- Christmas Scene Mural (Combined churches project) 
- Isabella Plains Neighbourhood House

Courtyard mural for private home

- Women artists on the Peninsula - Mornington Gallery
- 1987 - Solo exhibition - Morwell Toyota Showroom
- 1991 - West Gippsland Art Centre - Joint exhibition with brother

- First Prize - Yallourn North & District Lions Club Annual Art Show (1986) 
- Highly Commended - Wangaratta Art Show (1986)
- Equal First Prize, Open Section - Tuggeranong Regional Art Exhibition (ACT) – 1995
- First Prize, Still Life Painting - Royal Canberra Show
- Student Encouragement Award - Mornington Gallery


Art related Study & Qualifications:

  • Studio course in Painting Drawing & Printmaking – Frankston TAFE

  • Cert IV in Applied Arts - 3D Electronic Animation

  • Cert IV in Advanced 3D Computer Modelling & Animation

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